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Roller Hearth Kilns
Pusher Kilns
Mesh Belt Kilns
Batch Kilns
Saggar Handling Systems
Thermal Oxidizers
Automation and Level 2 SCADA Systems
Material Development Processing

Roller Hearth Kiln – RHK

• Precise atmosphere and heat distribution
• Clean environment inside the Kiln
• Multi-chamber and extended length design enhance production capacity and lower system costs

System Configurations:

6-Row 2-Layer N2 Roller Hearth Kiln
• Materials: LFP Calcination Max Temperature: 800°C Chamber Size: W2280×H400×L68000mm Max.L=100 m Atmosphere: N2

4-Row 2-Layer O2/Air Roller Hearth Kiln
• Materials NCM, LCO, NCA Max Temperature: 1100°C Chamber Size: W1520×H200×L50000mm Max.L=100 m Atmosphere: O2, Air

6-Row 2-Layer O2/Air Roller Hearth Kiln
• Materials: NCM, LCO, NCA Max Temperature: 1100°C Chamber Size: W2220×H200×L54000mm Max.L=100 m Atmosphere: O2, Air

4-Row 1-Layer N2 Roller Hearth Kiln
• Materials: Anode Materials Calcination (Graphite, Silicon-Carbon Composite) Max Temperature: 1350°C Chamber Size: W1520×H250×L60000mm Atmosphere: N2

Pusher Kilns

• Optimal configuration when high temperatures and high corrosion are required
• Robust hearth structure
• Optimized gas atmosphere and temperature distribution
• Materials: Calcination of anode materials, alumina, zirconia, electronic ceramics
• Maximum temperature: 1650°C
• Chamber size: W850×H390×L20000mm Max.L=40 mm
• Atmosphere: Air, N2, O2, H2

Mesh Belt Kilns

• Process: Calcination
• Maximum temperature: 1100°C
• Chamber size: W2850×H200×L53000mm, variable
• Atmosphere: Air, N2

Batch Kilns

• Fully automated atmosphere bell kiln
• Flexible production configurations
• Precise control of temperature and atmosphere distribution in a large space
• Processes: Sintering and Calcination
• Maximum temperature: 1700°C
• Chamber size: Variable
• Atmosphere: Air, N2, O2, H2, Ar

Saggar Handling Systems (SHS)

Designed for the automatic circulation of saggars to the accompanying the roller hearth kiln for LFP processing.
The SHS manages the following activities: Delivery from the exit, convey line, un-lid saggar, de-stacking, emptying, cleaning, filling,
ramming, stacking, lid placement on saggar, and delivery of saggar to entry.

Thermal Oxidizers

Each Thermal Oxidizer can service two continuous kilns. The thermal oxidizer receives waste exhaust gas from the kiln where it is exposed to elevated temperature for decomposition and discharged through the exhaust fan.

Automation and Level 2 SCADA Systems

SCADA systems provides the user with access to vital Industry 4.0 features which includes product traceability, detailed process data for continuous process improvements, comprehensive equipment diagnostics, cost analysis, and, inventory and optimal processing management.

Development Processing & Material Validation Services

Evergreen Kiln Technologies’ engineers work closely with battery designers to develop the thermal processes of tomorrow. This work is carried out in a precise way to achieve sustainable, reliable and innovative processing methods for future battery technologies.